Judgment Liens

| | | September 10th, 2015

Judgment liens can be discharged in bankruptcy.  The key is this:  Does the judgment lien attach to any personal property or real estate?  Typically, judgment liens do not attach to personal property.  However, it is possible for a judgment lien to attach to personal property.  Therefore, check with your attorney.  More commonly, judgment liens attach to real estate by entering a District Court judgment into Circuit Court.  Where does the lien attach?  The lien attaches to real property situated in the same county as the judgment.  Can a judgment from one county be enrolled in another county?  Yes.  (All of the this seems confusing because it is confusing.)  The important point is this:  Tell your attorney about any and all lawsuits filed against you.  Open all of your mail and read it.  Let your attorney know if there is an active lawsuit filed against you.  It is easier to use specific facts when discussing judgments and liens.  I take phone calls like this for free every day.  So call me:  443-494-2703.  (You cannot read your way out debt.)