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I'm certain that you have many pressing questions. That is why I would prefer to speak with you (for free) in person or by telephone. I say this because you need answers - not a web site full of generic explanations regarding bankruptcy. So please call me today.

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When properly filed, bankruptcy immediately and instantly stops creditors from seeking to collect debts and the many debts incurred prior to the bankruptcy filing. Filing for bankruptcy relief can also stop the foreclosure sale of your property if filed prior to the sale. And bankruptcy relief can help you get caught on your mortgage by making payments pursuant to a Chapter 13 repayment plan

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Filing for Chapter 7

This is the type of bankruptcy where the debtor does not pay back any of his or her creditors. This type of bankruptcy can only be filed once every eight years. Again, I'm only speaking in general terms because other facts may determine when a person can file a Chapter 7.

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Filing for Chapter 13

This is the type of bankruptcy where a person repays some or all of his or her debts. This is the type of bankruptcy a person will file if he or she has fallen behind on mortgage payments and wishes to catch up on the payments in order to keep the house. Likewise, this is the type of bankruptcy a person can file to catch up on car payments

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Filing Bankruptcy vs. Debt Consolidation Schemes

Over the years various commercials and credit rating schemes have tried to steer people away from filing bankruptcy. Many of these schemes or alternatives are expensive and they do not work as well as bankruptcy. I will be happy to explain the differences with you over the phone or in person. Another fear that many people express to me is that they will never be able buy a house or car after filing for bankruptcy. This is not true. If you have the ability to pay for a car, many lenders and dealerships will work out agreements with you to finance a vehicle while in bankruptcy. Generally speaking, the mortgage industry will lend money to a homebuyer two years outside of bankruptcy -- assuming that the purchaser qualifies. (In other words, the purchaser has an income to make mortgage payments and the purchaser has enough of a down payment to purchase a home.) Again, this is a general observation and I would be happy to speak with you about the specifics of purchasing a home.

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