Fee Structure

A very common question I get from someone during my first conversation is about fees.

Typically the question goes something like this: what do you charge for a (and then fill in the blank). At that point in the conversation, I jokingly try to explain that they are not ordering a hamburger from a fast food restaurant.

There is a different fee structure for a chapter 7 versus a chapter 13.  My fees depend upon the amount of work involved and the type of assets that I am protecting. In addition, the timing of the bankruptcy can make a difference between saving someone a lot of money and costing someone a lot of money. In order to give you an accurate answer about fees I will need to ask you at least 20 questions before I can give you an estimate. Please remember I’m trying to help you out of a difficult position while providing you with a solid foundation for your future. With proper planning, I can help you transition from one house or apartment to the next! The same is true for personal relationships and failing businesses — planning is key.